I have had my eye out for a pair of old table lamps with round shades. It's hard to find them in pairs and with the shades in good condition at thrift stores and flea markets. Then while looking for something completely different on kijiji last week I found these and picked them up the next day. I spray painted the bases red and as soon as I did it they reminded me of these ones urban outfitters used to carry- only I can't find them on their site anymore. These ones are so big that I think I may need to tackle that head board project I have been thinking about.


Tanis said...

Looks awesome! I love the pop of red. I also LOVE that you styled that shot with the blanket I knit!!! I'm honoured You do such great work!

jenna rose said...

Tan, I didn't style it with the blanket, it acutally lives at the end of our bed everyday! I love how the round edges look laying on the top of the white duvet. You did such a lovely job with it. I love it!