I went to the aberfoyle flea market yesterday, but the trip was cut short due to black clouds and high winds that came in quickly. I will have to go back again this summer- any less than 4 hours there just isn't enough! I picked up a globe that I spotted as we rushed out. I was able to date it using this website that provides dates of changes in country names and boundaries. I learned that it's from 1979-1984. I have another old french globe that I had purchased at lulu and lavigne a couple years ago and this site helped me find out that it's from 1961-1964. It was kind of fun to date them.

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Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

I have been meaning to head to Aberfoyle this summer! Your pictures are definitely inspiring me to go! That's too bad your trip was cut short. Maybe I'll see you there next time!