One of my favorite new booths at the show was that of Joy Apparel- I first noticed it because he was screen printing t-shirts right in his booth and after talking to the owner, Jeff, for a while I also left with a T-shirt and found him and his concept really interesting. He illustrates portraits of people from all over the world. You flip through a book of illustrations and choose who you want printed on your shirt. You also get to choose which shirt you want- all hand dyed and made in Canada out of organic cotton and bamboo. He prints the illustration of the persons face, their name, and the city they live in on the left side of the shirt and gives you a little bit of information about the person you are wearing. Once you have purchased a shirt you can submit your own photo and he will then illustrate you and add it to the collection of faces to be printed on shirts- people all over the world will be connected wearing each other on their hearts.
You can order online at joytshirt.com- click the random button and have the person chosen for you.

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