Here's some of the lovely pieces I picked up last weekend. Andrea Ripley was right across from me so I got to look at her beautiful glass work the whole show. I got this adorable glass cupcake. It now lives in this dome cake plate. I am a sucker for ceramics- I always seem to make an excuse to get something I fall in love with. Martine Buczkowski makes great work- I already have a mug of hers and love the shapes and colours of her pieces. This tiny teapot has a filter inside and makes just enough for two tea cups worth of tea. It's so sweet and even has feet.
Although I don't really eat butter, this butter dish was too beautiful to pass up. I have been a fan of Amber Mill's work since I first saw it and after finding out that this would be her last show I had to pick something up. The decorative patterns on her work are so nice.

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