We arrived home a few days ago from two amazing weeks travelling the island of Crete in Greece. We are trying to get settled back in after a whirlwind of a wedding and all the travelling. I was going to post some images from the trip today, but have decided to post just this one for now. Today my heart is with my grandfather who passed away this morning peacefully after a long and happy life with my grandmother.
This photo was taken inside an old castle in southern Crete- the sunlight shining in through a crack in the stone formed the shape of a perfect heart.


Anonymous said...

Jenna, so sorry for your loss.
Amazing photo J - call me when things settle down.

Meghan said...

A sweet and moving post. That photo is incredible and would make a great valentines day card.

andrea Gray said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you. Great photo, just perfect!