This week will be one year since we moved to Hamilton- I have no idea where the time has gone. It has me thinking about all the ideas I have for our home and how furniture and artwork are still in their temporary placement, the furniture I bought to refinish is still in it's original state, and paint chips are still wedged in the corners of the switch plates in just about every room. So instead of giving a sneak peek into my home I will give you a peek at my ideas for my home. The folder of images is large since every time I come across a home or room I like online I save it to this folder. Here are some of the images- the one above and the one below are my two favorites.
Not sure where I found them all, but I think most are from DesignSponge and some may be from Decor8.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. There's a lot of good ideas there and inspiring spaces.


Tori said...

love that half door in the kitchen! great idea!

Anonymous said...

I can see alot of the resons that you picked thease pictures its the colours and designs you like. I see that robins egg blue and the birds. they are a nice colection.

kerry said...

Oh my goodness, I am absolutely IN LOVE with your blog this morning. We have the same taste and you pictures have offered me so many ideas for design dilemmas I am facing here at Birch Hill!!! Last night when everyone was sleeping I wandered around with prints and photos and other decor items to no avail. I am going to try the painted frames over our mantle as I have a collection just waiting to be spray painted. Also love the floating shelf idea for along our dining room and family room wall windows to display treasures and books. The red chinese cabinet is perfect too. Thanks for sharing!