The storage bag and fabric giveaway posted last week goes to comment #8- Kelly. Thanks again for all the lovely comments. This next giveaway is the last one- feel free to enter again if you haven't won yet.
I am pretty excited about the next giveway. I had fun making it and I like it so much I may have a hard time parting with it! A fabric book, made of fourty 4" swatches of my screen printed fabrics.
The swatches are prints from over the past three years. Together they show common themes and subject in my designs: trees, birds, polka dots- sometimes polka dot trees and birds, architecture, flora, and bikes. The swatches would be lovely stitched together as patchwork, but I quite like the book itself as an object.
As before, leave a comment on this post and a winner will be randomly selected next friday.
Have a nice weekend. I plan to spend mine in the garden.


Anonymous said...

You amaze me.

I can't wait til I see you soon.

Tanis said...

This is awesome. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I want to win this one. It is great!

Anonymous said...

ok, you've suckered me in again- this is amazing.


Christine said...

I think I really need to have those little squares.
Maybe I'll frame some and then rotate through the stack.

Anonymous said...

yay the penguin! He is one of my favourites!

natalie said...

Wow - what an interesting story the squares make and what a great record of your work!

mary said...

absolutely stunning swatches, i love them!

dolly said...

Roisin sent me!
What a fabulous book! I hope you made yourself one to keep!